VasesMuch more than just a countertop.

    In 1967 DuPont scientists created a new category of surfacing that would revolutionize the countertop industry. Following its initial introduction as a commercial bath product, DuPont soon discovered that Corian® solid surfacing was an ideal material for kitchen countertops. Over the years, Corian® has earned the trust and respect of kitchen and bath professionals as a material that will stand up to the challenges of day-to-day living. However, Corian® is much more than a countertop. Today, you will find Corian® used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications including wall cladding, windowsills, door thresholds, moldings, toilet partitions, shower surrounds, signage, furniture, display cases, elevator cladding, lighting fixtures, trash receptacles as well as specialty products such as sculptures, serving plates, vases and much, much more.

    Applications are limitless.

    LimitlessWhile most widely known as a kitchen or vanity countertop material, Corian® is one of the most versatile materials that you will find on the market today. Unlike any other type of material, the special method used when bonding Corian® creates a smooth, apparently seamless surface, allowing the creation of large areas that appear to have been fashioned from a single piece. This homogenous look and feel means that you can fulfill your most creative design visions without compromise. And designers are increasingly discovering that Corian® is a material with huge design potential; available in over 100 colors, Corian® can be routed, drilled, carved, sandblasted, sculpted, inlaid, back-lit, heated and formed into shapes like columns or worked like fine wood to create intricate moldings. Its applications are limitless and like designers who push the boundaries of design, DuPont™ continues to explore the possibilities of what this material can do, by researching and developing new technologies that will allow Corian® to evolve and expand.

    About ColorCorian® is all about color.

    For over 45 years DuPont™ Corian® has been leading the solid surfacing industry with innovative colors and aesthetics. Working with internationally recognized color experts and world renowned architects and designers, DuPont continues to introduce fresh new colors and aesthetics into their palette each year according to the emerging trends. Color and aesthetic leadership is a major part of the global Corian® business strategy and its what sets Corian® apart from it's competitors.


    Redefining WOW - the Private Collection Colors.

    The Corian® Private Collection is ideal for designers and homeowners who are looking for a material inspired by the random beauty of nature. The Corian® Private Collection gives you the freedom to choose dramatic colors and textures, without sacrificing the durable, easy-care and renewable properties that are a hallmark of the entire DuPont™ Corian® family.

    JasmineMilky Way and Riverbed are the latest colors to be added to the Corian® Private Collection. These colors take their inspiration from the subtle colors and textures found throughout the natural landscapes that surround us, blending simplicity with the random beauty of nature. With unparalleled beauty and unmatched performance, the Corian® Private Collection colors are redefining "WOW!"

    These colors join the other colors of Corian® Private Collection including Allspice, Arrowroot, Aztec Gold, Basil, Burled Beach, Cinnabar, Clam Shell, Desert, Earth, Ecru, Elderberry, Hazelnut, Hickory Smoke, Jasmine, Juniper,  Lava Rock, Luna White, Mineral, Moonlit Sea, Natural Gray, Pebble, Rain Cloud, Rosemary, Saffron, Sagebrush, Sandalwood, Seafoam, Sonora, Sorrel, Stardust, Thyme, Tumbleweed, Verde, Whipped Cream and Witch Hazel bringing the total Private Collection color offering to 37 colors.

    The Corian® Private Collection will continue to be updated with new, innovative aesthetics that are distinctive from the the traditional colors of the Corian® palette.

    Selected colors of the Corian® Private Collection are on sale now, to view this exciting promotion, click here.

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    The DuPont™ Corian® TERRA Collection

    Today, more than ever, choosing Corian® solid surfaces is a responsible choice.
    Why you ask?

    • Terra CollectionBecause Corian® contributes to Sustainable Design.
    • You can reuse it, so you're not adding to landfills.
    • Its adhesives and sealants are GREENGUARD certified® as low-VOC emitting materials.
    • And now, the Corian® TERRA Collection offers 27 colors of Corian® made with pre-consumer recycled content. Seven colors with a minimum of 20% recycled content, fourteen colors with a minimum of 13% recycled content and six colors with a minimum of 6% recycled content, all certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

    So it not only easier on the planet, but it can also help achieve LEED credits.
    To download a Corian® TERRA Collection brochure, click here.

    The Zodiaq® Terra Collection includes five colors; Coriander, Flax, Mossy Green, Warm Taupe and Wild Rice. All five colors contain a minimum of 25% recycled glass from a combination of post-consumer and post-industrial sources.

    To download a Zodiaq® TERRA Collection Brochure, click here.

    DuPont™ Corian® Metallic Colors

    MetallicsThe five metallic colors of DuPont™ Corian® feature a unique design aesthetic that allows designers to achieve visual texture and light play with a solid surface product. The metal flakes in the sheet are at a slight angle to the surface, therefore, the reflectivity of the sheet varies with orientation. This varying appearance is what allows the surface of the countertop (or the edges) to appear lighter or darker depending on the viewing angle of the observer. Realizing the full potential of these surfaces as well as setting realistic expectations for the end user, requires special consideration when designing and fabricating these colors.

    This material can be an infinite source of inspiration to designers who wish to create special visual effects such as the integration of logos or decorative patterns [alternating stripes, parquet, checkerboard, spirals, etc...] which can be created by assembling a surface from pieces with varying orientations. The varying orientations of the metallic flakes interact differently with the light and as the observer moves relative to the surface, different Metallic Stripesaspects of the design will appear and disappear, creating a uniquely dynamic surface.

    The Corian® metallic colors (especially Bronzite and Silverite) have the greatest degree of directionality and reflectivity [much stronger than the Lustra Series of Anthracite] and we recommend that you contact our Corian® Fabrication Manager to discuss the overall layout of the design along with the desired visual effects, prior to selecting these colors.

    To view a variety of different design ideas, click here for the Corian® Metallics Photo Presentation.


    Let there be light!

    IlluminationAnd there was, thanks to the new illumination series by DuPont™ Corian®. Now you can transform light into a tangible element with two "icy" colors perfect for a wide variety of commercial applications. Corian® Glacier Ice, is a remarkable surface material that brings smooth, clean lines and enhanced translucency to your design while Corian® Arctic Ice, incorporates embedded particulates to create an absolutely stunning effect when lit. Corian® Glacier Ice is available in ¼" and ½" thick sheets. Corian® Arctic Ice is available in ½" thick sheets. Mint Ice is the third color in the series. 

    Click here to see what you can do with the combination of light and the unique thermoformable properties of Corian®.

    To visit the Illumination Series on the DuPont™ Corian® website, click here.

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    Corian® Integrated Sinks and Stainless Steel SinksLava Rock with 872 Sink

    Are you considering a Corian® integrated sink for your kitchen because you love the way that Corian® flows seamlessly into the sink. With a variety of single and double sinks in a range of solid colors to choose from, you are sure to create the perfect one-piece kitchen countertop. 

    To download the complete Corian® Sink offering, click here.

    If you are after the contemporary look of a stainless steel sink, then Blanco sinks offer an infinite number of possibilities. With shiny durability, these premium grade stainless steel sinks are sure to fit the bill!


    New Farmhouse Sink Style!

    Farmhouse Sink (690)In late 19th century rural homes, apron-front sinks (often known as Farmhouse sinks) were made popular because the depth of the sink easily accommodated the large stock pots that were used when preparing the family's evening meals. Today, apron-front sinks have made a resurgence as a popular design element for both traditional and modern style kitchens. The new Farmhouse Sink (model #690) is available in four colors; Winter Frost, White Mocha, Crema and Almond and will add a touch of uniqueness to any Corian® countertop.
                                          Size = 21-1/4” x 29-7/16” x 11-1/8” 
                                                       length x width x depth

    Experience the European appeal and styling of the Vaso Collection.

    DuPont's manufacturing technology makes the tight corner radii possible, creating the trendy square and rectangular look popular in European styling.

    Model 965 - The Metro                            Model 966 - The Angolo

           Model 965 - The Metro                                           Model 966 - The Angolo
            15.75" x 15.75" x 8"D                                               27.5" x 15.75" x 8"D

    These nonporous, stain and moisture resistant sinks fit right into a Corian® countertop - seamlessly. Offered in four colors including; Glacier White, Cameo White, Bone and Bisque.


    DuPont Corian® Shower Pans

    ShowerWhether you are planning a remodel or building new, Corian® Shower Pans are an excellent alternative to traditional shower materials such as fiberglass or mosaic tile. Offering an array of standard sizes and configurations, Corian® Shower Pans are available in every color of Corian® and can be easily coordinated with ½" Corian® Shower Walls to create a custom-coved, one-piece shower surround.

    Do you need a custom size? No problem, Corian® Shower Pans can be manufactured to fit any site conditions and Corian® shower walls can accommodate tricky areas such as windows. Corian® Shower Pans are lightweight, seamless and easy to install and since they're made from Corian®, they are 100% nonporous, they won't promote the growth of mold or mildew, and by eliminating the need for grout, clean-up is a snap. 

    Want to learn more about using Corian® in the bath? Click Here.

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    Respect and Care for the Environment.

    DuPont is committed to conducting its business with respect and care for the environment and to producing Greenguard Logoproducts that make a difference in people's lives. Due to its low VOC emissions, DuPont™ Corian® and its adhesive systems are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®, have received GREENGUARD for Children and Schools CertificationSM  and have been independently verified to meet the standards set by California's South Coast and Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Corian® can also contribute towards credits for LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in several different categories. For more information on DuPont™ Corian®, click on the following links;

    For further information on these products, please contact us. Or to visit the DuPont™ Corian® website, please go to